The Limitations of Sexual Service

Or, “Why I Find Cooking, Cleaning and Doing Laundry to be Sexy at Times.” 

Sexual submission, as I’ve written before, is great. It’s my favorite thing. I think it’s a completely legitimate form of service, and anyone who thinks otherwise has never forced themself to keeping choking on a cock long after their jaw began to ache and their eyes to water.

But it has limitations.

Knowing that I will be available for his sexual use whenever desired (within my physical limitations) is hot, important, and touches the core of my being.

But what happens to my usefulness when my Boyfriend isn’t in the mood? What happens to my submission when he isn’t currently balls deep in the hole of his choice?

That’s the time for non-sexual service.

Polishing his boots. Bringing him a cup of tea. Cooking a meal. Doing the dishes. Giving him a massage. Cleaning the bathroom. Cleaning the stove. Putting away the groceries.

These things, so seemingly mundane, keep me in tune with his needs, with his power, with my love for him. They reinforce the simple structure of our relationship: I do what he wants. 

Sure, it’s extra fun when what he wants is to tie me up and spank me and fuck me silly. But it’s just as meaningful, just as rewarding, when what he wants is for me to muck out the cat litter boxes so that he doesn’t have to deal with it.

Does that mean I find dirty cat litter hot? No. Does it mean I like cleaning litter boxes? Hell no!

It means I find it meaningful to make his life easier. I find it worthwhile to serve him.

And, let’s face it, despite his high sex drive (and mine) I can’t literally be bouncing on his dick 24/7.

Sexual service is great for when you are currently having sex.

For all those other times… there’s housework.

And thank the Gods of Kink for that.

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